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    Mass Ave Chiropractic

    Mass Ave Chiropractic specializes in rehabilitative care and customized treatment for chronic neck and back pain by use of DRS Protocol — a pain-free state-of-the-art technology, which stands for Decompression, Reduction and Stabilization.

    The DRS Protocol was developed by a team of specialists and implements the most progressive treatment program available, including a combination of axial/spinal decompression with multiple therapies.

    The frontline premier Accu-SPINA treatment system reduces pressure inside discs resulting in increased blood flow to an injured area, reduction of pain, increased mobility and tissue repair.

    Dr. Joseph Kielur utilizes this safe, nonsurgical approach proven effective to relieve: herniated and bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, numbness/tingling of the arms and legs, sciatica pain, facet syndromes, spinal stenosis, and relapsed or failed back and neck surgeries.

    Mass Ave Chiropractic takes appointments upon request and provides reserved parking for clients in a lot off of Massachusetts Avenue and East North Street.

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    YMCA @ the Athenaeum

    Whether it’s the shops, restaurants, culture—or, most likely, all of the above plus more—you’ve got your own reasons for embracing the downtown lifestyle. We understand. And for the same reasons you choose to live in the heart of it all, make the choice to work out here, too.
    With a full range of fitness equipment and classes The YMCA @ the Athenaeum has the same amenities and opportunities of other Ys—but we also have a vibe all our own. It’s a little more mature, a little more grown up, a little more…well, downtown.

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    YMCA at City Market

    A bicycle commuter hub and YMCA conveniently located under one roof at the Indianapolis City Market.